Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ma'amoul / Dates filled cookies / Middle Eastern cookies / Easy date cookies/pie crust cookies

Ma'amoul is Middle Eastern cookies made with a variety of dry fruits and nuts filling like walnuts ,pistachios, dates,raisins etc.Served mostly during festivals.

A traditional  short bread /cookie is made with semolina or flour, rich dry fruits and nuts filling seasoned with butter,orange blossom or rose water, molded in a traditional wooden cookie cutter ,baked to perfection,dusted with powdered sugar .This labor of love brings out fragrant ,rich yet mildly sweet bite size heaven...served along with tea.

Variations of filled cookies brought by family and friends returning from Gulf  was always present in my house so I was familiar with the texture and crispiness of the cookie that I wanted.Decided to experiment with  pie crust dough which is fail proof  and there by no worries about making the right dough!!

Other trials with pie crust dough are  Easy sugar cookies ,  Chicken pot pie  etc.

See the step by step pictures just follow that and it is a breeze, trust me!

Ingredients- (makes around 18 small cookies)
Pie crust dough - 1 roll ( a pack comes with two rolls )
Baking dates- 13 oz/ 375 gms
Powdered/Confectioners sugar for dusting (OPTIONAL)

1.Defrost the pie crust ahead of time.But keep in the refrigerator till ready to make.
2.Make small round date balls .
3.Spread the pie crust dough .With a cookie cutter or any round container cut out rounds.Put the dates ball inside the pie crust seal the edges and shape it well .
Design the cookies with small flexible container  press lightly and level to take shape of container tap it back and use pom tongs gently to make impressions  .(see pics hope u get the clue:))
4.Preheat the oven to 350° F and bake for 15 mts or till the base of the cookies turn golden brown on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper.
5.Once it cools completely dust some confectioners sugar(or the sugar will melt and make a mess) on top and serve.

  • The pie crust dough tends to stick to the counter top so u need to work fast.If you find that while molding the dough it is loosing shape then put it back to the refrigerator till firm and manageable.
  • Do not leave to bake for long as the dates inside will dry out.
  • Buy baking dates,it is easier to mold because it is pitted &,mashed.If you don't get that then u need to use soft dates ,remove seeds and chop it fine. 
Hope you like my version of ma'amoul.



  1. wow... this is an instant version... looks delicious... bookmarked!!! :)

  2. Thank You so much Rafeeda ,do try it

  3. I'm glad to pass on the Liebster award to you, please come and receive it! :)

  4. first time to your blog. loved it very much. I never knew mamooul is so easy to make.

  5. Hi Meena, came here from Rafeeda's space. Loved the recipe for Ellunda. You have a really great space here with amazing pics :)

    1. Thank you so much for coming and also for joining me

  6. this looks great...also your guest post on Rafeeda's space...happy to follow you dear...

    1. Thank you so much Ruxana for stopping by and joining me.

  7. Great cookies... Will try them soon :-)

  8. Looks yummyy n tempting:ncie cliks b well prpd.

  9. These cookies sound wonderful with date filling. Looks fabulous!


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