Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Kaya varuthathu / Nendrakaya chips / Ettakka upperi /Plantain chips Kerala Sadya recipe

Kaya varuthathu / Fried plantain chips is the most delicious paper thin slices fried in coconut oil. Now its totally up to you to act like a weirdo and have microwaved or dehydrated chips and later pop two tsps of coconut oil into ur mouth in the name of health or simply bite into freshly fried  crisp crunchy chips made in coconut oil and enjoy it the natural way the malayalee grew up having coconuts and plantains. :)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pan Grilled Kabab

         I have been craving for Middle Eastern fanfare for the past few days especially some good kababs and shhh! don't tell anybody a good belly dance too :) .

Monday, August 17, 2015

Boli Kerala Style / Puran poli / Kerala sadya recipe

Boli / Puran poli is typical Indian sweet made with channa dal and jaggery or sugar filling. It is made on festive occasions. In South Kerala boli is made for Hindu weddings and for maru veedu ( bride's family visiting the groom's home first time after the wedding).  

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chemmeen Ularthiyathu / Shrimp / Prawns Roast Kerala style

 There is something about digging into the most delectable spongy soft seafood especially shrimp coated with spicy masala. I have such fond memories of Konju olathiyathu like my other half calls it. As it rains cats and dogs here right now I cannot stop myself from hitting the nostalgia button.  

Miss the drives between Alappuzha and Kayumkulam or Kollam. But not the reckless speed and panic attacks for sure. :)   I survive long trips by catching up with some small naps and side(not sight)seeing :)   The only thing that makes me wide awake is the inviting call of seaside aroma of fresh fish cooking. The sizzling fish in coconut oil ohhh ! its to die for... 

Though we cook fish at home most of the days there's nothing like immersing nostrils and taste buds in such large amount of different fish preparations made on firewood. We would wait for lunch time like anything to try new hotels. These is nothing elaborate, most would be extensions of home but the food u get there is phenomenal !!   Most often food is served in banana leaf.  As soon as we enter the place and find a clean spot he asks  what's today's special and the waiter usually the hotel owner begins the recital of the catch of the day. We begin salivating from that moment on ... To tell u the truth I have wanted many times to sit there one day and try everything from start to finish .... we order seafood like crazy. Lick our fingers clean.... After that we buy a latest comedy cassette (not cd :))  to keep us wide awake thru the rest of the drive... oh what nice trips those were! Complete entertainment with horror and bumpy rides in between :) 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tomato Pickle / Thakkali achar

How about some tangy, spicy, red tomato pickle with your lunch today ! 
It may look hot but when u make it at home u can always make it according to your preference and skip the store bought oil floating crap full of preservatives. 

Whats ur weekly quota of tomatoes? Well mine is may be 6-8.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mango Kheer / Mango Payesh

My baby celebrates its third birthday  and I  made some kheer to say thank you to u all from the bottom of my heart for being with me through this journey. Inspite of all the crazy stuffs I cook, all the spelling mistakes I make and all the irrelevant ramblings I write you guys have accepted me just the way I am and thats what I like about u all. 
The blog runs solely on your motivation and my perspiration. I would never force anybody to like me in my real world so no compulsion to like my social media spaces too but I would really appreciate u hitting the LIKE buttons only if u think my baby is worth it to keep the mojo going.